The Spice Network (rebranded to TSN) is a 360 media company with tech at its core.

The Spice Network is a new media and publishing company. We are a thorough media company with all industry-specific in one place – designed for Africa.

The TSN platform is a 360 media and publishing platform where our channels of expression:

TV | Blog | News Feed | Podcast | jobs| Business Directory | Ecommerce


To increase the TSN BRAND VALUE AND POSITIONING to be among the top 10 new media and publishing platform in Nigeria and Africa at large, and a preferred platform for advertisers, through strategic growth, engagement, and partnership.

+ Increase customer awareness

+ Increase customer engagement through better customer experiences

+ Increase ROI through new marketing strategies

+ Reinforce your brand

+ Maximize profit by minimizing your workload and service cost


+ Brand positioning

+ Increased viewership and engagements

+ Event partnerships and collaboration

+ Quality Content Distribution

+ Brand partnership and sponsorship