The founders’ story.

Omamuzo Samson, founder - The Spice Network and Outbox TV

What started a year ago as my personal blog where I write to find solace from my many confusions, find direction on what my next move should be and write about my experience with God from my interaction with His word – The Bible, has now evolved from my writing dump site to a platform that will help many people find the meaning of living the good life that some had only imagined.

Welcome to The Spice Network – a health and wellness platform to connect more people with experts on-the-go who can answer all their questions and a community where they can be themselves without the shame of needing help. Our focus is on mental health issues.

So, why The Spice Network? Why health and wellness? Why a focus on mental health?

This year 2018 makes it my 4th year as an entrepreneur trying to build an impactful business using the media tools at my disposals.

What I thought was going to be a smooth sail from startup to scale up quickly became so turbulent that I started looking for every avenue to get back into paid employment. Which I did. But somehow, it wasn’t satisfying – no matter what I was doing, I still feel something missing.

I didn’t even know that I had mental health issues. Because a society that equates mental health issues to a lunatic didn’t make it any easier. I figured a lot of people out there are facing the same issues but don’t know what to do. They don’t want to appear weak, especially the men because society said – ‘man up’. Then for the women – ‘endure’.

The ‘man-up’ and ‘endurance’ has caused us to have many walking humans who just live by the clock hoping this ‘feeling’ will soon pass away.

Most times, it never did.

The turning point of my life

I met Tomi Davies, then President of the African Angel Network (ABAN)when I was taking a course at EDC in 2015, who facilitated one of the class.

Then in 2017, he gave me a job in his publishing company – Supa Strikas, as a digital product manager, after narrating my failures and fears. Then he fired me after about two months.

Tomi Davies had a meeting with me at The Southern Sun hotel in Lagos where he changed my view about life – the startup life and entrepreneurship. That was the day I heard the phrase – ‘startup fails’. That was when he told me the reason why I was fired – “You are afraid of failing that you failed. Stop chasing money. Build a team, build a company” – he said.

That story and my next adventure led me to The Spice Network, which was supposed to be a talk show on all interesting topics that humans can relate with while we help them find meaning.

Well, we decided to take it further to the intersection of media and tech, where we will provide an insightful platform and a tool to connect with experts.

About The Spice Network:

At The Spiced Network, we create contents and design technology tools to provide resources, help and a platform for people who wants answers to their personal questions answered, especially people who are depressed, going through a mental stress stage, and those that want to live a better and well-improved life. 

Our Mission is to use media and technology to improve people’s well-being so they can live a better and an improved life.

We plan to be a dedicated platform for anyone seeking improved well-being for a better life i.e Add Spice to lives; one piece at a time”.

The Spice Network was founded to help people who don’t have someone they can speak with about their fears and challenges, people who need answers from an expert and not some form of pity, and people who need to be reassured that Mental Health issues mean they’re human, they just need to find a specific solution.

This is officially welcoming you to The Spice Network. You can read more about us, join our experts’ network and belong to our thriving community.

I hope this platform add spice to your heart, brings to you the perfect peace you seek, answer to all your questions and a place to be true humans.

Omamuzo Samson.