About The Spice Network

At The Spiced Network, we create contents and design technology tools to provide resources, help and a platform for people who wants answers to their personal questions answered, especially people who are depressed, going through a mental stress stage, and those that want to live a better and well-improved life. 


To use media and technology to improve people's well-being so they can live a better and an improved life.


To be a dedicated platform for anyone seeking improved well-being for a better life.


Add Spice to lives; one life at a time.


To help more people live better and happier


- Forum
- Publishing platform
- Course
- Training
- Store

How it works: 

- Tailor-made contents: We work with experts in different fields that are related to health and create content (video, articles and images) that are published daily on our networks and the offices are distributed using the Artificial Intelligence technology so the appropriate contents are shown to people as they visit The Spice Network
- Talk to a consultant: At the professional section, anyone can submit a question to be answered by a professional who provides the answer, and if it is a complicated one that requires a one-on-one with a consultant, it can be scheduled on the page.

We are a new kind of media company. We publish stories, videos, and podcasts to help smart people get smarter. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or learn more about us here. We’d love to connect!

We are addressing mental and emotional well-being challenges. Many people living with these conditions do not talk about it and they do not know what to do about it. 

The Spice Network provides a platform where they can talk about it, ask for help.

We are social enterprise but work directly with established NGO's with a focus on education, health and financing.

Our Users

- Health and Wellness Enthusiasts

- Health and Wellness Consumers 

- Higher Frequency for Shopping for Healthy and Wellness food, beverages and advice

- Research Online for Answers and Solutions

Our Business Model

- We provide media, teaching products, forum community and tools for an on-the-go free consultancy with experts

- We work with partners who provide their products and services in partnership with us, and clients who sponsor our events

- Once all our expenses and savings have been deducted per month, we give the rest of the revenue to selected charities (our focus - education, health and finances). The money is regarded as given alongside our partners

- The more partners and clients we have that are providing their products and services, the more of the revenues we are able to give to the charities

- On request, our partners and clients get an open book accounting at the end of the year